Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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By digitcontrol
#12279 Just curious of those who had a "KaBoom" with 9mm rounds, was there damage to the pistols? Mine happened in the Ruger SR9c and blew open the brass just above the extraction groove. Magazine stayed in pistol & seemed to just deposit burnt powder around the inside as well as on my hand.
Cleaned & inspected afterward and no apparent damage. I know it was caused by the lead bullet profile in relation to the chamber case mouth register and have pitched those into the remelt bucket. They where a round nose lead sold by a major manufacturer here in the Midwest.
The Kaboom caused me to question whether I wanted to pass on shooting 9mm rounds any longer since there at a higher pressure than 45 acp, but I here folks have similar issue with about any rimless cartridge.
Reloading is serious stuff and the details are important, best to avoid all distractions when in the "Loading Zone."
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By MANual_puller
#12281 Mine was the same thing, casing rupture just above the extraction groove. It was factory loaded ammo. It happened with my TCM. Blew the magazine apart right out the bottom. I put it back together and it seemed to function fine. When I sent it in to Armscor I just wanted them to spec the 9mm barrel and replace if necessary and replace the magazine. They thought it simpler to replace the entire firearm. The new one has been flawless.
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By Pakn1911
#12283 No damage to my TCM, just turned the magazine into a kit that I had to put back together. Arnel said I could send it in but I haven't yet. Have not had any problems with any factory ammo. If it happens again I will return it to them.

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By smoke23
#12539 finally got my "tuned up by Fred Craig" TCM to the range. I decided to try NON lubricated ammo even tho Fred said to ALWAYS lube factory ammo. I had the American made stuff and it ran just perfect thru the gun, about 50 rds. I am not a great pistol shooter but I do think it is more accurate than before the tune up. Happy for now. :)