Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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By Megadale
#3590 Ah Yes MANual ! A show girl ? = ouch That's why my Primary weapon is a 375 Seiko H&H Mag LH with 285 Grand Slams for deer here in old SE AK !
Because of the "Overgrown Hairy Muskeg Rats That are Hiding & Waiting" For their free meal after the gun goes off ! serious business Field dressing with someone at Point !
Is your Shot Gun a Teflon Coating or is that Camoe Tap From Wallie World ? ROTFLOL -3-
You guy's from IOWA are so Witty ! -3-
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By MANual_puller
#3591 Well, my TCM is my ccw firearm and it's already showing a good amount of holster wear. The parkerizing is rubbing off on all the corners. I'm not going to get all bent out of shape over a corner of the grip being off. Besides, no one else sees it ;) :D

I believe my shotgun is hydro dipped with a protective clear coat over the top. I have a 18.5" smooth bore barrel that is dipped to match as well, it was the original barrel the gun came with. I put the rifled slug barrel on. Inevitably the hydro dipping will get scuffed up in the woods and when that happens I'm going to take the finish off. The poly furniture is black underneath and if I can get all the finish off, it'll still look good. The gun store I bought it from had 2 at the time, this one and a black one. I wanted the black one, mostly because it was $50 cheaper, but my bonus check came about 5 days late and he sold it so I had to settle for the camo one. He gave me a deal on it though and sold it to me for the same price he sold the black one for. :D

Here's the website for the company that makes it: ... system.php I see their prices went up since I last looked..... :D

Also, no extra charge for the sarcasm. Kind of like the government, it's a free service I offer whether it's wanted or not :D
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By CharlieOframe
#11994 I've tried wood grips for my Para-Ordnance pistols, and didn't like them enough to keep them from Brownells.
I bought some Alumagrips plain, from MidwayUSA, and plan to have someone do double diamond checkering on them, then have them Cerakoted some color like reddish brown, hopefully.
I never could understand why those guys never have offered their P-14 grips with Double Diamond checkering.
That's one thing you could do to get nice grips, although not wood.
Just a thought.
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#15135 Sorry guys,
I know I will be ostracized for this, but I like the original grips. I have large hands and these
grips feel fine.