Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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By edub
#807 The guys at have said that they would be willing to create a set of high-quality English walnut grips for the double-stack TCM dependent on the following conditions:

1) we must gather AT LEAST 55 orders
2) all 55+ orders must be same design
3) all 55+ orders must be same width (standard, slim, etc)
4) all 55+ orders must be English walnut with oil finish
5) price will be somewhere between $50 and $75 each, depending upon how many orders we can gather

They are not willing to take the chance on tooling up unless these are GUARANTEED orders (via pre-pay on a special webpage that will be set up if we can gather 55+ pre-pay commits on this thread).

I will make the first pre-pay commit for ONE order.

Remember that ALL 55+ orders have to be the same design AND width, so majority vote wins and you cannot back out if you don't like the final winning choice.

I vote for , with grips as slim as possible so as to minimize an already-fat double stack grip circumference.

Who else will commit, for how many orders, and what design/width do you vote for?

If you can gather orders from friends on other forums and commit on their behalf as well, all the better....
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By MANual_puller
#809 It might be tougher than I thought to get to the magic number too....I shared links to your post and people seem hesitant.....They don't think wood will work or wind up too bulky. I think it's very feasible with good quality stock off a cnc machine. Consistency and tight tolerances will be the key to making everyone happy :D
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By MANual_puller
#861 I know! I'm curious too about what it would take to make them out of wood and not fail...How thick would they be....yada yada yada. I think they can be done with only a slight increase in overall thickness from the factory grips. I'm kind of thinking that it's just going to have to take some time. Eventually there's going to be enough guns/customers out there for someone to see the need :D