Forum discussion regarding pistols chambered in 22 TCM
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By edub
#807 The guys at have said that they would be willing to create a set of high-quality English walnut grips for the double-stack TCM dependent on the following conditions:

1) we must gather AT LEAST 55 orders
2) all 55+ orders must be same design
3) all 55+ orders must be same width (standard, slim, etc)
4) all 55+ orders must be English walnut with oil finish
5) price will be somewhere between $50 and $75 each, depending upon how many orders we can gather

They are not willing to take the chance on tooling up unless these are GUARANTEED orders (via pre-pay on a special webpage that will be set up if we can gather 55+ pre-pay commits on this thread).

I will make the first pre-pay commit for ONE order.

Remember that ALL 55+ orders have to be the same design AND width, so majority vote wins and you cannot back out if you don't like the final winning choice.

I vote for checkered double diamond similar to this design, with grips as slim as possible so as to minimize an already-fat double stack grip circumference.

Who else will commit, for how many orders, and what design/width do you vote for?

If you can gather orders from friends on other forums and commit on their behalf as well, all the better....
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By MANual_puller
edub wrote:If you can get orders from friends on other forums and commit on their behalf as well, all the better....

Could just ask people to join the forum to vote... :D

My interest is perked. How would the prepay work? Directly with them or is someone going to have to setup a pool account for the whole order?
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By MANual_puller
#809 It might be tougher than I thought to get to the magic number too....I shared links to your post and people seem hesitant.....They don't think wood will work or wind up too bulky. I think it's very feasible with good quality stock off a cnc machine. Consistency and tight tolerances will be the key to making everyone happy :D
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By edub
Could just ask people to join the forum to vote... :D

That would be best option, but there will be those that would buy but don't want to join another forum.

How would the prepay work?

I would imagine a hidden page on their site (not in menu, but if you know URL you can access - most ecomm systems let you do this).

They don't think wood will work or wind up too bulky.

Honestly, I have same concern and am following up with them about how slim they can make the grip.

If the grip were slim and made of a stable material that wouldn't crack under normal use, would they buy?

As far a quality, they don't copy an existing grip - they buy several guns and measure tolerances across all of them, then CNC the grips to best fit possible.

They told me in the case of HK P7s they have over $100K in guns they do fittings off of.
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By MANual_puller
22tcm wrote:Great work on this. Grips are a hot topic for the double stack TCM gun. I will be interested to see how they hold up.

I will pin this post.

Sweet! Thanks for pinning Dylan! My thoughts are that we've got to try something lol
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By 22TCM
MANual_puller wrote:Well this isn't stirring nearly as much interest as I had originally hoped......

I agree.

I was more curious to see how they would possibly turn out and not be at risk of failing. When I visited my WELL experience friend to see about having some engineered out of other materials, he pointed out the complexity of the multiple layers and angles combined with how thin they are.

They are not like a simple flat 1911 plank that is for sure.

Wood would have the same challenges in production. I wish I could articulate what he showed me better.
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By MANual_puller
#861 I know! I'm curious too about what it would take to make them out of wood and not fail...How thick would they be....yada yada yada. I think they can be done with only a slight increase in overall thickness from the factory grips. I'm kind of thinking that it's just going to have to take some time. Eventually there's going to be enough guns/customers out there for someone to see the need :D