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By 22TCM
#2648 For sale by Defense Materials Company LLC. This Rock Island Rock Target was provided to DMC and for a video gun review. We cleaned tested, cleaned and fired 250 rounds through this pistol in a guest opinion gun review for This is their target version with LPA sights. MSRP is $851.00 - Gubroker has them at $630 plus shipping and transfer.

$580 Delivered

Here is a clip release for the review. No stuck case issue here:)

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By 22TCM
#5566 Here is the link to the public review done for this one.

This review was not published as the film crew had sound issues that was not known till editing.

This review was to also highlight ladies and the 22 TCM.

Not one mal on this firearm. Great price and still available.

There is also a link to the "new in the box" mag dump. The barrel was swabbed before dumping.


Mag Dump:
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By Lang
#5699 I'm definitely interested. I have a couple of questions. The 250 rounds fired in the video review were 22 TCM correct? Was any 9mm fired and if so how many? Also, I didn't see if the trigger weight was tested. If it was, what was the trigger weight?