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By shortfuse
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So I bought this RI Rifle used but in excellent condition after looking at countless Videos and reading any written reviews I could find I could not find a bad word or review about it. After sending the money for the rifle I mentioned elsewhere that I bought it and the bad stories start to surface anyway to late got the rifle as you can see by the pictures this rifle is all over the place I used Factory Armscore (USA) Ammo at 50 yards Indoors and this is what I got about 2"groups. I was told you either get a shooter or you don't with these rifles. Anyway can you folks chime in and let me know if it's happened to you and how you corrected it of if it's even correctable' I mounted my scope to the Dovetail on the receiver but I ordered the 22 TCM Rail from DIP and it arrived today so I'm gonna install that tonight and rescope it and try again tomorrow but any ideas or remedies anyone might have would be appreciated. I was gonna buy Dies for reloading this caliber but if the Rifle is the Issue its pointless to spend more money on Dies.
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By mbogo
#15036 Did you clean the rifle before firing it?

Did you check the muzzle for damage?

Is the scope one you KNOW is good?

Did you check all the action screws were tight?

Did you degrease all the scope ring screws before installation?

Did you check all the scope ring screws were tight?

Was anyone shooting a loud gun nearby (inducing a flinch on your parrt)?
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By wood chucker
#15039 I wonder if you picked up a first run gun. There was some first run rifles with chatter marks in the bores. If the original owner wrote in that the rifle didn't shoot Armscorp would exchange them. You could write Armscorp and ask. I don't think they are is obligated to remedy used rifles but it's worth a shot.
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By shortfuse
#15042 This I can live with I installed the 22TCM Scope Rail and this is where I'm at now so now it might be worth it to get the Dies and play with this round a bit I have plenty of once fired brass nowttachment=1]tcm 4.JPG[/attachment]
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