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By wood chucker
#10370 I do not doubt the velocity gains from the 6 inch barrel one bit. We seen the same things in the .22 Hornet, it's old hat.
The .22 Hornet and it's short fat alter ego the .22 TCM are small bore small capacity rifle rounds loaded with are essentially magnum pistol pistol powders.
That these two rounds give upwards of 2,800 fps out of a 20-22inch rifle barrels aint the big whoopla in in my book, it's that they gives 2,000 fps out of 5 inch pistol barrels. That still amazes me.
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By old fool
#14305 1911SHOOTER that email seems to be out dated as I can't contact him do you know of another one or is it possible that it was missed spelled.

PS: sorry it took so long to replie.

old fool