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By 22TCM
#168 is excited to welcome Richard Wright and Bill Kocher to the moderator team. Both are serious RIA and 22 TCM enthusiasts and have experienced much more than just a fly by night interest including close relationships with quite a few key members of the RIA team.

Both Bill and Richard have been involved since the beginning with Bill being one of the first if not the very first to actively reload and share reload data for others to take advantage of.

I asked them for a basic bio. Here is their response.

We are lucky to have 2 real down home good people with great experience behind us.

Bill Kocher:
Hey Guys, My name is Bill Kocher and I have been shooting the TCM since its launch on the market and it was love at first shot. I am a really big advocate of RIA 1911's and can usually be found on posting videos to try and help people out with information on shooting, gunsmithing, reloading and answering questions I see coming up on Facebook and forums. I have been reloading for the TCM since 2012 and was likely one of the first out there experimenting out there in uncharted territory. I have really learned a lot and continue to experiment with the TCM and what it can do. I am very happy to be joining in furthering the TCM community!

Richard Wright:
I am an 11 yr law enforcement officer.I own a gun shop and jewelry store as well.and have been around guns since is was a wee lad. My 1st gun was a JC penny 22 lr. I have been a fan of the Ria for about a year when I first learned about the brand and bought one .I am a huge Fan of the Tcm.I promote the Brand and 22 tcm caliber alot in my gun shop and anytime i talk guns with people. I shoot alot,living 1 mile from the shooting Range i am out in all types of weather practicing. THE 1ST TIME I SHOT the 2100 fps fire breathing dragon, I was hooked. The TCM is my Edc carry. I learned about reloading it from my buddy Bill Kocher I have reloaded aprox 300-400 rnds with diff powders and tips.I am honored to be a part of the 22 team.
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By MANual_puller
#641 Hey, I'm curious, is there anything that can be done to deter the spammers that have been attacking the site? I'm sure y'all are frustrated with it too. The garbage does get taken out rather timely but the more threads we get going the bigger mess they can make pissed off I'm just concerned, I really don't want the site to go under because it becomes too much maintenance to handle.....Thanks!
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By 22TCM
#682 I am basically checking every sign up physically.

There is a bot that is re-peat offending. I can tell the difference between the bot and human.

So far so good:)