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By dungheap
#13213 Ethiopia -- now that sounds like a real fun place to spend a tour of duty (sarc off).

I also shot IHMSA -- '79 through around '94, was Wisconsin State Director for most of those years. I loved the discipline, made a whole lot of friends, and am glad for doing it when I did, 'cause I sure couldn't afford to do it given today's cost for components.

Any chance you may have been at the Internationals in Fortville, IN, early eighties?
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By smoke23
#13299 My trade is assembly machine tech but for the last 10 years working at a facility that builds mechanical seals. I work the lapping room running a machine that gets the seal faces flat to around 11 millionths of an inch. Measured with a monochromatic light source. Semi retired working 2 days a week. Enjoy reloading/handloading lots of different calibers and shooting lots of different firearms. The TCM is one of my favs. Its the target version and was custom built by Fred Craig. 3 didget SN.
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By earlwb
#14044 I am retired now. I used to be many things in the past though. USMC, electronics tech, network engineer, computer programmer, software analyst, even a police officer for a while.
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By dred
#14054 I am a Pool Sanitation Engineer. This is post several careers, but my brother started a pool business 10 years ago; I joined him last year to help him grow it bigger.
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By Rangemaster1
#14441 I retired as a Sgt. with a big city PD. Had my own auto shop for about five years. Sold that and started a small engine repair shop out of my house. Had bad feet, so I sold all the small engine stuff and went to work for a local Sheriffs dept as a dispatcher. Eight months later, my feet were better, so I was drafted as their Rangemaster, armorer, gunsmith and jack of all trades. Couldn't seem to get away from LE. When I retired from there, I continued my gunsmithing from my home shop. To this day I'm still doing a lot of work for local LE personnel as well as various agencies. 30 plus years and I still love doing it.

Seems like I've been carrying a gun most of my adult life. Love to load and shoot, but I'm getting so old I'm not as good a shot as I once was. Really enjoy playing with the TCM. Great little squirrel gun.

Happy shooting and may all your fliers go in.