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By kmrra
#11853 Was a Electronics Tech for 18 years from 80 to 98 , Part Tim FFL dealer from 77 to 93 when I let it go, Now days im a Contractor I have basically worked for myself from 94 till now and love it . oh and all that time I also Played Bass Guitar in several bands from 73 till 2012 when I retired from that late night activity and damn glad of it The jast stent having played with that band for almost 20 years Ive had enuff of that life , never to Play again LOL
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By dungheap
#11854 They say I'm a "Junk Yard Dawg," having worked in the auto salvage industry for the past 16 years. FFl licensee since 1981, and was in the auto body trade from '70 - '96, and had my own shop from '75 - '96. My wife and I have had a Christian music ministry, playing for the elderly in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc., for over 16 years, and also lead worship in church. I've reloaded since '79, was deep into silhouette shooting ' 79 - 92, also IPSC shooting and other shooting activities. President of local gun club '80 - '92, served in other offices as well.

Should be retired, but I'm just tired.
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By SidecarMike
#11856 Started out as a line mechanic for Jaguar. In 1993 I switched to motorcycles before my back and knees convinced me that computers don't hurt. Now, a retired Network Administrator. Still have my motorcycles though, and spend most of my time between them and reloading.
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By kmrra
#11860 Dungheap , I say I never play again , but I do Play for 20 min, on Sunday mornings at Cowboy church on Sunday mornings , but that is a walk in the park compared to the late nites in the bar scean that nerley killed me and put me in the grave . Thank God I quit drinking several years before I quit playing , but it was never the same when you are around drunks 3 nights a week , so I hung it up for good . Im 58 years old and should have been dead years ago. I was spared so for that im thankfull
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By dungheap
#11880 kmrra, I played in garage bands in high school, would have probably ended up in bar bands but Uncle Sam wanted me '66 - '69, and when I got out, all of my former band mates were playing in established bands, and I just never pursued that. Got married, worked like crazy, and for a long time picked up the ol' guitar maybe a couple of times a year. Got a crazy notion one day to ask my wife to sing with me, and it took off from there. She's the star, I just make noise.
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keystoneweaponBill wrote:So what is your occupation when you're not terrorizing the range with big loud fireballs?

I'm from Bloomsburg PA and work in the Coal and Nuclear Power industry… I'm currently at the Montour SES - Coal Plant…. I get dirty, very ,very dirty slow

What do you guys do?

I am retired Navy. The firing range is my second home. Either that, or I know a little piece of land that is
infested with wild and crazy beer cans. I started shooting way back when kids could go off in the woods
squirrel and rabbit hunting. ('45) There were no "Soccer Moms" because there was no soccer.
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By earlwb
#12214 I used to be in the USMC. Then I got into electronics and worked as a tech for years. Then I got into computer programming and did that up until I had to retire. Along the way I worked for a number of years as a reserve police officer for a large city too. i got laid off at my last job when they sold off the subsidiary I worked in. But then I was too old for anyone to want to hire me for programming anymore. So I decided to retire. With the company pension and Social Security I will be reasonably comfortable but not rich though.
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By Mgammon
#13210 Retired ... First 21 years I was a Radioman in the US Navy and did both surface and submarine duty ..
2 In-country tours in Vietnam, 1 tour in Ethiopia and 1 shore tour in Pensacola FL .. Rest of the 21 years
were on ships or subs ..

Next 23 years, did Contract work for the US Navy in the Radio Communications field as a Field Engineer,
Communications trainer and Quality Assurance Specialist, and traveled all over the world supporting
my Navy ...

Retired completely in 2011, got a 40' Class A motor home and and we spend our time seeing the USA.

Been shooting since I was a teen, used to shoot IHMSA competition for about 15 years .. Love to hunt, fish,
motorcycle and tour ...

So much for my life ... Overall, no complaints ..