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By rodentman
#2635 Sorry to say I couldn't find a 22tcm rifle available so I had to get my fix by ordering a CZ 455 in 17 HMR with bbls for 22WMR and 22LR. Doesn't mean I won't buy the tcm but for now the CZ will keep me busy, much as I hate to buy factory ammo, with rimfire there's no choice. I have a good supply of LR. WMR is fairly scarce here and I shot most of mine in my PMR-30. HMR seems pretty available. Maybe small supply but also small demand. Will advise how it works out. Need to sniff out a scope for it as well.

Another thing: The tcm rifle is right handed. I am too but shoot left-handed. The bolt isn't an issue but the cheek piece is.
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By EzEAz
#5270 With the explosion of (mm lowers coming out I was thinking of knocking together a 22tcm in an AR platform. Modular Weapons System beat me to it. Nice but pricey. Anyone seen one of these yet?