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#14823 I know I will get a lot of flack over this but I am a firm believer that in order to purchase a firearm for the first
time, the purchaser needs to show proof that he/she has had firearm safety training.
This in no way is at odds with the 2nd amendment. Too many people are being killed because they
have no idea of what a firearm can and will do if you disrespect it.
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By MANual_puller
#14824 I think all responsible gun owners do receive some sort of training. I don't know how you could help those that think they know everything and bypass basic firearms safety training. Training only helps those that want to be helped. Proof of receipt of training simply means that a person knows the right answers regardless of their intent to follow that training...The only person in that article I feel sorry for is the innocent unborn child. The two irresponsible adults are just getting what they deserve for being stupid.
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By dungheap
#14825 When all is said and done, you can't fix stupid. This particular incident had nothing at all to do with gun safety -- that flew out the window when they mentioned "stunt." That's all it was, a stunt gone bad due to a really stupid decision on the part of two people. Unfortunate, but natural selection works that way sometimes.
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By mbogo
#14826 This is a matter of common sense and maturity. We will always have stupid people doing stupid things.

ANY system that requires you to pass a test to exercise your right to self-defense is an infringement and is subject to governmental abuse. Remember how Democrats used poll taxes, literacy tests, et cetera to disenfranchise blacks in the South? I can guarantee you that they would make the "training" onerous and expensive.

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By wood chucker
#14830 Stupid kills. More people wind up taking a dirt nap every year from doing stupid stuff in swimming pools than with firearms . It's always sad when a life is ended early due to carelessness. DUI is the worst.