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MANual_puller wrote:
1911SHOOTER wrote: it was my pleasure (I think). That robo spam was getting pretty tough. We still have this little Russki who sends
about 1 or two a week. But, I may have a surprise for him! yuush

Ban the username, then they can't use that account again :D

This little Ivan has started up again with his spam. I guess he sits up at night and dreams up these idiotic spams. He shows no imagination, is ignorant and a disgrace to his country. Although I get a kick out of his stupid comments, keeps me entertained when I delete them. And, by the way Ivan, I am retired, I have all the time in the world to delete you.

По твоей заднице, Иван! Но тогда вы не можете помочь себе, вы ведь русский!