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By 22TCM
#80 Step 1.
Go to and select choose file. Then find the file of the picture you want to upload.

Step 2.
Select Upload.

Step 3.
Copy the IMG text right off and paste it right in the post your are writing.

Step 4. This shows a view of what it should look like after you paste the IMG text in your post. Just copy and paste.

That is it. You do not have to click any of the attachment links in the post tools.

You can hit preview to see what your photo will look like in your post.

Note: may ask you to confirm you are not a bot by asking you to enter the text on the screen after upload. does this exact same service, just a different view.

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By MisterGreen
#113 You can also just post the IMG text right from imgur right into your post without selecting any icon in the top of the post.

The photo just needs to have the following IMG tags just like the ones Imgur gives.