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By 22TCM
#11385 Hello members,

I am the board creator/owner.

As of late, I have another business in the firearms industry that has taken my time and I have not been able to check in with the board or even participate in the awesome of the 22TCM cartridge. Along with being busy, Armscor/Rock Island has been less than welcoming to contributing any attention to the board.

This has created some problems with the board:
- If I turn on the spam protector, someone will have to look through LONG list of spammers each and every day to approve the real people. This is time consuming and sometime real people get looked over leaving them in frustration.
- Not having the built in spam protector on means that someone has to manually delete this crap every day.
- There other ways to deal with spam which takes money and time which leads to the second problem.

2. Funding
- There is zero income coming from this board. It cost me a good bit of change and allot of hours to put together. I am paying to keep it up but do not have time to engage and maintain it.
- Not having funding means, we do not have money to keep the board clean and updated.

Thank goodness for MANual_puller. If it was not for him, I would have just let the page go. He has been the FREE admin for this board. He takes the time every day to keep it clean and engaging for our new and old members. I have nothing that I can offer to him as this thing generates nothing in return. Cheers to you good sir. You have been a great asset to this board. Thank you.

Regarding the problems; I am not sure how I am going to approach it yet.
- I have considered selling the board to someone that has the time to take it forward. There is a great income potential with it. This year welcomed over 71k unique visitors with over 7.6mil in page-views and it is ranked almost as good as in Alexa ranks with NO SEO work.

- I have considered looking to partner with someone that has technical skills and time to grow the board in a way that gives back to members. This can include discounts to certain retailers for being a member etc.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them. The community on this board seems to be like very other firearm loving person I have met or worked with. For the most part, good people with good conversation focused on a great invention.

Best regards,

Dylan Stocker
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By MANual_puller
#11408 I think we need to try a new approach. I would agree that sorting through the list with the spam protector on is probably too much for one person to handle. Deleting everything is also more than 1 person can handle, hence the recent complaints. I think it would be best for members to have the spam protector on and find a way to split time sorting the list. As a mod I don't have access to those settings/features. As always, I'll do whatever I can to help. I would love to keep the spam off the board entirely.
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By 2011WideBody
#11420 Funding; make a T-shirt, or stickers for the ammo boxes, and it will sell.

Do a funding button somewhere, somehow, and people may donate.

I don't know enough about moderating to volunteer. Teach me and I will.
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By MANual_puller
#11421 Moderating is pretty easy, just very time consuming at times. I've woke up in the morning and spent a half hour just deleting post after post of garbage more than once. I think the record is 300-something in one sitting. Another mod might help catch stuff quicker but the real problem is that it gets visible in the first place. The spam posts have links in them and other spam bots find it with searches. It's like a cancer, just spreads.......
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By wood chucker
2011WideBody wrote:Funding; make a T-shirt, or stickers for the ammo boxes, and it will sell.

Do a funding button somewhere, somehow, and people may donate.

I don't know enough about moderating to volunteer. Teach me and I will.

Its a great job.

The forum spamwhacker is a prestigious position ( not really ) in which the successful candidate will get to rub elbows with the finest minds in the industry ( your fellow forum members) while positioned ( camping out here ) and poised ready to swoop in ( like an albatross) and zap ads for "cheap Canadian Viagra" and "illuminating high fashion designer bag" when they pop up (like a game of whack-a-mole,,times infinity)

Some work like answering messages and checking I.P. addresses can be done comfortably attired business casual (pajamas and bunny slippers ) while enjoining the breathtaking panoramic view ( of your own front yard ) from the window of your executive office. (living room )

The field work is exciting . Traveling ( at your own expense ) to exotic (local) shooting spots testing ( your own ) guns and ammo, reporting the results and enjoying fine cuisine along the way ( if you don't forget your lunch box)

The hours are flexible and pay is remarkable ( because there ain't none)

All this can be yours and you get the title ultra spam blaster extraordinaire ( B.S. that I just made up but it sounds good) plus a deluxe name plate for your executive office desk (coffee table ) personalized the way you like it ( by making it yourself ) ( at your own expense )
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By earlwb
#11610 I want to thank you guys for the forum and the work you put in to keep it spam free. I know it isn't easy, but I appreciate it a lot.
Thank you very much,
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By mbogo
#11774 I just reported a spammer selling ED drugs.