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By SidecarMike
#8680 Thanks for letting me in the door.
I bought the 1911 a couple weeks ago. Shot up 2 boxes of shells that came with it. I like it a lot, but will be reloading. The only place that carries shells locally gets $30 a box!
I was in Eau Claire today and stopped at Gander Mountain. I asked at the gun counter if they carried ammo. The guy told me the manufacturer discontinued it ten years ago. I mentioned that it was introduced in 2011 and the guy told me I was wrong, then walked into the back room.

I try to buy local, I really do. Morons like that make it hard.
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By dungheap
#8683 LOL! They always say "If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with BS."

In this case, busted.

So, we have a fellow Wisconsin-ite here?
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By earlwb
#8719 Welcome to the forum.
Yeah in some locales getting .22 TCM ammo can be a problem. I your state allows it you can mail order it too. Since it is a .22 with small light weight bullets, several boxes don't weigh much.
You can also get the bullets, and cases mail order too. There are a few places that sell the components. So that isn't a problem.

I quit bothering with Gander Mountain out here. They are really expensive for everything. Out here the Cabelas store has been really good and they sell .22 TCM ammo too. They did have some 1911 or 2011 handguns in their for sale cabinet too. Plus Cabelas gives a extra 5% off if you are a veteran. They usually have 20 dollars off a 150 dollar purchase coupon if you fill out their receipt survey too. We have a local gun store that sells the guns and ammo. But you order the guns off their website and pick them up in the store. The prices are pretty good actually and buying the ammo gets free shipping if you pick it up from the store too.