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By dred
#6892 I'm in the habit of introducing myself after sneaking past security. My name is Milton from the Gulf Coast of Texas. I've been enjoying 22 TCM since its release. I had the original Double-stack, 5", unramped barrel, plastic scaled, invisible front sighted 9mm/22TCM pistol and I LOVED it. My GF's son fell in love with it; he borrowed it to qualify for his Texas LTC (9mm to qualify) and when he received the LTC - I gifted him the pistol, a holster and a couple spare mags.

I'm not giving up on the cartridge by any means. I'm presently paying on a 5" single stack at Bud's and already have a couple mags en route. Heck, I even included some 9mm Federal HST and Speer Gold Dots in a recent defensive ammo order. I'm also considering using the 22 TCM as a carry round, but I'm going to be filling the 500 or so empty cases I've recovered over the past couple years. I look forward to lots of learning from the guys that are loading this round.

Anyway, I drank the 1911 kool aide and this is IMO a must have chambering for my favorite pistola. She'll take her place next to the 45, the 22lr, the 10mm (if she gets recovered, or when she gets replaced) and the 460 Rowland. I also had one chambered in 40 but a friend wanted her more than I did and the cartridge didn't do anything 10mm didn't do better, so ...

Glad I found y'all - bet some of y'all are near crazy as me. Look forward to learning.
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By MANual_puller
#6893 Welcome :) There's lots of load data here if you do a little searching :D I carry my 22TCM without worries. After break in the pistols run smooth as glass :D I haven't shot my 9mm barrel in almost a year. I ran an oily patch through it the other day after I cleaned the rest of the gun, it was starting to look a little dry and I didn't want it to start rusting lol
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By earlwb
#6895 Welcome to the forum. Yes this is the place with the information and help if you need it.
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By Critter
#6916 Welcome. New to the forum and the round as well. I will also start reloading this round when the time comes.