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#2847 Hey all, I just found out about the forum after doing some research on the 22TCM. I am a 62 years old and have been obsessed with guns and shooting most of my life ,1911's and revolvers have most of my attention. I am looking forward to learning more about the 22TCM.
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By clay
#2987 hello all my is clay I live in the great state of north carolina It is finally dry enough to take my new purchase a 22tcm target 1911 out for the first time I belived I am hooked THAMK YOU for the forum A lot of knowlage here
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By MANual_puller
#2988 My youngest brother just moved out to North Carolina. He had to transfer to a new reserves unit but that's where he wanted to go for school. He's going to be a civil engineer. Said he'd be back in Iowa for deer season though :D

Welcome :D
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By ditchtiger
#10393 Hello 22TCM fans! Just got my first RIA 22TCM, 4" barrel, 10 round mag. It is a ball to shoot.
I've been a shooter for 50 years and a reloader for 40 years. Just making my first post to get things going.