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By Handloader109
#1384 Good story oldeagleears! So far my indoor range hasn't had an issue. But I try and catch when near empty. Was at the outdoor range at the Hobbs state park a week ago and there was a chap firing off his Ak74. Was quick firing emptied his 30 rd mag in about 10 seconds. Is a semi, not full auto, finger flying....watched him shoot three or four mags. The ranger in charge showed up from complaint. No autos permitted. He didn't kick the guy out, but the guy volunteered to go.... Ranger talked about the range and how they had spent $20 k each of past two years repairing the backstop. Very high volume of use, I won't even attempt to go on a weekend....

Glad to see you join
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#1482 Hello from Texas.

I'm a long time hunter (40plus) and stumbled across the .22 TCM during my search for a 1911 in 9mm (have many pistols in 9mm) and picked up a full size RIA Target model in .22TCM/9mm combo in 2013. At that time dies, load data, etc was basically nonexistent for the .22 TCM . I picked up a 10mm and reloaded, etc for that caliber and now that I have everything worked out, I started looking into reloading for the TCM once again and my search lead me here.

My Hornady dies, JHP bullets , and brass arrived last week. I will start with Lilgun @ 9grains and work up.

I've also contacted Cutting Edge Bullets to see if they can help me in my search with a solid copper bullet that will stablized in 1:16 twist TCM 5" barrel.

Since I'm new here and not sure if hunting pics are allowed, I'll hold off with posting them.
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By 22TCM
#1483 Glad to have you with us TXCOONDOG.

Any info you discover is greatly appreciated.

All hunting pics are welcome in our 22 TCM Swagger forum.

Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions or concerns.
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By MANual_puller
#1488 Welcome! The section titled almost anything goes means just that! :D as long as it's family appropriate, post whatever you like in there. I believe I have a thread in there about my truck lol
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By DurangoKid
#1629 So glad I found this forum. Been loading for the .22 TCM since 2014. I have the 1911 RI Dbl. Stack. I have put over 1,000 rounds through it. My .22 TCM rifle arrived after 14 Mos. on back order. It is a fine little rifle for the money.
I have not yet found a satisfactory load for the rifle. Getting close. I have been loading for the S&W .22 Jet for 25 years. I had always dreamed of a modern .22 CF in a 1911. One day the LGS got 15 new 1911 RI .22 TCM pistols. :)
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By tinkertoy92
#1695 Howdy y'all,

I'm originally from Texas, and have been tinkering with gubs for as long as I've been shooting them, although I by no means claim to be a professional gunsmith. When I was at Fort Bragg I stumbled on the 22tcm and was fascinated by it. I bought a ms 22tcm 1911 along with enough reloading components to waste some serious time, only to wind up stationed overseas a month and a half later. Now until I manage to squirm my way back to a stateside post my little brother gets a really cool toy and I get to live vicariously through y'all. In the next year or two I hope to really be able to contribute to the rifle forum as I have big plans for one of those once I get back stateside. Thanks for running an awesome forum.