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By microgunner
#871 Hello,
New here from central Florida. I own two TCMs, a double stack Target and a Tac II mid size single stack. Love the caliber and hoping to learn more.
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By 22TCM
#872 Welcome to!

Hope to see your questions and thoughts.

Many here are new enthusiasts and learning, tinkering, enjoying.


I am the board creator. If you have any thoughts, questions or feedback, PM me and I will respond asap.

Best regards,

Dylan Stocker
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By redcaddy51
#1002 Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,
Just another old fart checkin' in.

I've been around the 22 TCM for a while, (2, three digit serial, kits) I am very pleased to have this venue available to cuss and discuss one of my favorite calibers.

I'm a working gunsmith and active competitor, (3 gun, action pistol and high power rifle). One of my active projects is a 22 TCM barrel for use on my Savage Striker and AXIS.

I'm gonna share this site with my buddies over on 1911 forum, they were among the early supporters of our beloved 22TCM.

out and about

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By 22TCM
#1011 Thanks for joining. Welcome Redcaddy51.

Clear enthusiasts here.

Good to have a smith on board.
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By The Old Draftsman
#1013 Thank you for having me.

My name is Slim, I'm in South Carolina, twice retired and hoping to stay that way.

My bride allows me to do pretty much anything I want as long as I leave her appliances and apparatus alone although she did qualify me on the vacuum, broom and toilet brush. I'm not allowed anywhere near any other "domestic" appliances because I don't do it right. I was pre qualified on the coffee maker being an old retired Chief.

I am not a gunsmith and I don't play one on TV but I do love monkeying around with my guns and have had a load of enjoyment doing so. I DO however know when and where my line is and do not hesitate to call on my local trusty gunsmith when that line is approached. When they say do not try this at home, listen. Monkeying with firearms beyond your capabilities can be hazardous to your (and others) well being. Oh yes, and I never reload for anyone who's name does not appear on my mortgage.

Sorry, I do get carried away... blah blah blah... I'd best get back to the shop.

Thanks for having me. :)
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By OldEagleEars
#1358 Thanks for establishing this site for us fans of the "Little and Fast" .22 TCM. My name is Dave Bolin and I'm known as OldEagleEars on several forums. I bought my TCM/9mm combo in November of 2012 and it was one of the first in this area by all accounts. I took it to the indoor range I belonged to that afternoon and ran through a box of ammo delighting myself and eliciting the curiosity and envy of the other shooters on the line ("Whatinhell are you shootin' anyway, a howitzer?") and the interest of the management. That evening I got a call from them informing me that TCM ammo was now banned from the place because "'s too damn hot for our facility!" (the range was built in the mid-1960's), but I was welcome to shoot any other non-rifle caliber cartridge. Needless to say, I used the 9mm setup on my TCM pistol until my membership ran out then didn't renew it.
My TCM is a range toy now and I've done some modifications to suit my tastes and as experimentation. If I can ever figure out how to post pictures without having to join another photo site (I'm heavily into Photobucket), I'll do so. Right now it carries a Bushnell First-Strike mini red-dot, a flat trigger, a FLGR and modified Hogue grips among other things. I'm figuring some Cerakoting is in it's future.
Anyway, I appreciate the add and I look forward to some interesting times ahead!
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By 22TCM
#1359 OldEagleEars. Welcome! Would love to see what the TCM did to the ranges deflectors slow.

I can't help but ask. Were you a submariner?