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By 22TCM
#18 Hi All,

My name is Dylan Stocker. I am the creator of and this post will be my indroduction .

My favorite calibers are high power small bore cartridges and back in 2004 when the 204 Ruger came out I bought a Thompson Encore and have loved the caliber every since. I often used forums to get involved, share information, get information and just relate to other folks that like new stuff.

Since then, the launch of the 22 TCM has blown me away and the products by Armscor are down right amazing for the price. I think the double stack para ord mags that interchange with the rifle is genius. The recoil on the pistol combined with velocity and penetration power advanced the 1911 platform. As a former Infantry scout, I would take a double stack 1911 in 22 TCM on my side any day. I also am excited to see the development in Glock along with any other new introductions by other manufactures.

This forum website is created for all 22 TCM enthusiasts to share, trade and learn. As creator of this forum, my goal is to maintain the community integrity and continue this forum in the mind of the people that support it.

I will be a huge participant as well. I do not claim to be an expert on anything. I am just a huge enthusiast that is excited to get involved by experiencing and sharing everything the 22 TCM upbringing has to offer.

Here is my start in this quest. I figured I would buy the pistol and rifle with 4 mags and 2 thousand rounds of ammo. I put a Burris 3x9 mini on the rifle and had the rifle threaded for my Gemtech 22 mag can. I am blown away by the sound reduction in the can. The sound is similar to a high power air rifle. Highly recommended. Just note - Gemtech won't honor a warranty if they know you used this on a TCM rifle as they have not rated this can for that purpose.

Now it's time to get reloading this stuff to see what I can come up with while I burn through the factory ammo this whistle pig season.

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By harleyhopper
#71 Hey. Thanks for creating the site. My name is Steve Jackson. Pushing 62 years old. I've had my TCM since October. Probably close to 1500 rounds. Initially had some problems with failure to extract but apparently it was ammo related OR it was fixed when I got one of the stuck cases, formed a lapping tool and lapped the chamber. Not saying for anybody to do this by no means. It just solved my problem.

Can you explain to an old fart how to post pictures? Steve
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By MR_22
#254 Great idea for a forum! Just found out about it. Glad to be here.

I have the original double-stack 22TCM/9mm combo, which I got early on after its release. Plus I'm the winner of the Facebook contest for the TCM rifle, which I was finally able to get in December. Great rifle! I've been dialing in the scope I got for it, but it's not quite zeroed. I need a little more time with some targets.

I'm very interested in getting a compact TCM, as well as the Glock 17/22 conversion TCM.
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By MANual_puller
#294 Wow. This forum has a wonderful feature that I wasn't expecting. I was replying to a topic when someone else posted before i hit submit. The forum automatically told me of this, brought up that post for me to read so I could edit my post before posting. Pretty fancy! Should help limit redundancy of posts. :D Kudos to the admins/founder on this feature!
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By WiscoGunner
#300 Dylan (and anyone else that reloads the 22 TCM)

Please create a post with a step by step of your 22 TCM reloading process using the spent casing. I am new to reloading and have what I need to reload the 22 TCM but I haven't reloaded a necked down case before. I would appreciate any tips. Thank you.
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By 22TCM
#301 Hi Wiscogunner.

Take a look at the reloading section. KeystoneweaponBill posted a great video on reloading the 22 TCM. He is a pioneer.


In my humble opinion, I would not encourage learning your first bottle neck cartridge with 22 TCM. Bottle neck is easier to load than straight wall if you ask me however the margin for error is extremely small with 22 TCM not to mention the amount of information out regarding reloading the cartridge is very light at this point.

I would encourage you to find a local master re loader to take you through the process first so you can experience the challenges.

Mistakes in charges, seating depth, primer seating, sizing, all of the above can leave you hurt or with a broken gun or both.